The Abyss collection has found a special place in the heart of enthusiast. After the success of its 2014 makeover including blue electric or orange and blue compositions, the Hysek brand is back with two new proposals for its sports line.

Black and yellow, this new combination is inspired by powerful and nerve-shifting sports. The double yellow marking line is made of veal marquetry. Unique and highly specialized technique consisting in assembling very carefully different pieces of leather according to a precise and seamless pattern. This technique is at the service of a contemporary approach confirming the taste of Hysek for the diversion of know-how to its DNA. The color code is then transferred to the dial, reinforcing the sporty look of the piece.

Dressed « sur mesure » of purple and black, all in elegance, this chronograph tends to impose itself as a staple in the men's wardrobe. Last visible color of the chromatic spectrum, the violet is here associated with black, for a rendering that offers a deep and inspired perception. The bracelet here offers an original composition, alternating between alligator and calf.

January 11th, 2019 / Press kits
  • ABYSS 44MM CHRONOGRAPH English version

    doc / 44.69 K > Download
  • ABYSS 44MM CHRONOGRAPH French version

    doc / 54.30 K > Download
  • ABYSS 44MM CHRONOGRAPH Russian version

    doc / 38.43 K > Download
  • ABYSS 44MM CHRONOGRAPH Chinese version

    doc / 49.50 K > Download
  • Abyss Summer Days 2019 En

    doc / 53.43 K > Download
  • Abyss Summer Days Fr

    doc / 55.97 K > Download

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