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Renowned and highly esteemed for the strong identity of its timepiece creations, the Hysek manufacture is considered one of the watchmaking industry’s most prominent designers today. By combining visual strength and harmonious lines, Hysek’s design plays with recurring graphic themes, so that the brand has become established in connoisseurs’ memories. Each element that constitutes a Hysek timepiece, from the cases inspired by grand works of architecture, to the dials displaying the numbers 1-5-7-11, to their original folding buckles, are visual features that have anchored the brand, ensuring Hysek’s lasting celebrity.


From the company to the brand

To confirm the international success we have enjoyed in the last years, Hysek has given a new impulse to the company, a measure of our determination and our passion. We have opened our own manufacture that, since late 2007, is equipped with the industrial capacity to produce our own mechanisms. With the presentation of our first tourbillon calibre last year, referenced as HW03, Hysek earned its marks and now figures incontestably among the most prominent actors in high horology.


Independence and exclusivity

By developing its own mechanical movements featuring both minor and grand complications, Hysek intends to put forth timepieces that are perfectly adapted to their audacious design. Indeed, the principal advantage of industrial independence is the ability to enrich our designers’ graphic palette and liberate them from any constraints imposed by generic movements with fixed parameters. Yet this new approach must also allow for the creation of Hysek timepieces, characterized by their total exclusivity and singular design, which will seduce those discerning individuals eager to express their passions by emphasizing their originality. Such individuals will be pleased, then, to learn that the Hysek manufacture is now outfitted with the tools needed to fabricate 95% of its calibres’ components. Furthermore, the team that fabricates our high precision pieces completes their finishings as well. Today the manufacture continues to grow: in five years’ time, it should employ up to one hundred craftsmen and be able to offer our public timepieces that have been fabricated, one hundred per cent, by Hysek.



With its unbridled creativity and unique personality, the Hysek manufacture has experienced exponential growth in the last few years. Our main asset: accomplished designs that win the unanimous approval of those timepiece connoisseurs characterized by powerful personalities. The Hysek collections are currently sold in 180 boutiques in 40 countries; we present them today at Baselworld, a strategic venue. The Hysek manufacture transformed horology design into a means of measuring the timelessness of art. Today, we aim to strengthen our international renown by creating new partnerships based on our avant-garde collections of exclusive design.


January 10th, 2011 / Corporate

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